Sunday, March 2, 2008

Playlist for 3/3/08

Modern World - Wolf Parade
The Kids Don't Stand a Chance - Vampire Weekend
Cheap and Cheerful - The Kills

I'm a Realist - The Cribs
Beat of the Double - Apes -Ghost Games
The Well and the Lighthouse - Arcade Fire
Were You Singing - The Quiet Life - Act Natural

Vodka Grasshopper - Hammer No More the Fingers
Mirror On You - Enon

Various Kitchen Utensils - Skybox
In a Cave - Tokyo Police Club
Head Honcho - Devotchka - A mad and Faithful Telling
About to Walk - Throw Me the Statue
Gilt Complex - Sons & Daughters - This Gift
Quarantined - Atlas Sound
Xavier Says - The Magnetic Fields
Brother in Conflict - Voxtrot

Love Will Tear Us Apart - Jose Gonzalez
We'll Never Dream Again - Cryptacize
The Last High - The Dandy Warhols
Time on Your Side - Emily Jane White
The World in 1984 - Shearwater
Karma Police - Radiohead

The Beaches All Closed - No Kids
Dancing on my Grave - Ghostland Observatory
Fancy Footwork - Chromeo
Sleep Deprivation - SMD
Pogo - Digitalism
The Party - Justice
Shake a Fist - Hot Chip
Mer du Japon - Air

Clap Your Hands - Pale Young Gentleman

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