Monday, December 22, 2008

Playlist for 12/17/08

Fists Up - The Blow
The Class of 73 Bells - Prefuse 73
Stuck on a Boat - Port O'Brien
Bullets - Tung

All Right - Jim Noir
The Chinatown Bus - Bishop Allen
Berlin - Alaska in Winter
Record Year - The Decemberists
Love Will Tear Us Apart - Joy Division
Dance With Me - Nouvelle Vague
Rhythm & Soul - Spoon
First Train - Ivana C
Ed is  Portal - Akron Family 

Dark Dark Dark Live Set
Trouble No More
Winter Coat
The Hand
Junk Bones

Elvis - These New Puritans
In Our Talons - Bowerbirds
Breeze - Apollo Sunshine
I Was a Daughter - Basia Bulat
Paisley Pattern Ground - The Black Hollies
You Get so Lucky - Adam Green
The War Has Seen the Best of Me - The Lovely Sparrows
That Light - Dark Dark Dark - The Snow Magic

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