Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Radiothon 2009!

As you may already know, it's time for Radiothon 2009! This means that this week on my show I will be asking for your support and announcing different premiums we will be offering in return to say thank you. We don't ask for your help very often so now is you chance to show you appreciate all we have to offer you here at WHUS. If you enjoy my show (or any of our shows) please call us! The number to pledge is 800-599-9487. I'd especially love it if you called me during my show tomorrow. In addition to our list of premiums I'm offering a very special gift for listeners of my show who choose to donate. For a donation of $10 or more I will send you an Anger Your Neighbors t-shirt! It will be printed by hand on your choice of a unisex or women's tee. Check out the design below. 
This year the money we raise during Radiothon will be going directly towards completing out music library! For pictures and our full list of premiums check out whus.org

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